Joey Muthengi

Cyberbullying celebrities seems to be a habit Kenyans are normalizing.

Former citizen TV news anchor Joey Muthengi in an interview with comedian MC Jessy, opened up about experiencing it while hosting Tusker Project Fame back in 2014. She narrated how she would cry after going home and even contemplated quitting the show.

She spoke about how she returned home from the USA eager to make it in the media industry. With persistence she finally got her way into media but her big breakthrough came when she landed an opportunity to host Tusker Project Fame show. At the time she said she was still unknown and stood out beating big household names in the industry to host the show alongside Uganda’s powerhouse Dr Mich. As usual Kamati ya roho chafu was up on her business to drag her into the mud as a newbie.

The former 10/10 co-host recalled being trolled for 6 months straight with some critics accusing her of copying the likes of Sheila Mwanyiga. It became a nightmare for the beauty as she would cry in her bedroom after hosting the show.

“I remember doing my first live show and going to bed and crying for like an hour. I was in a gown on my bed balling my eyes out.” She added.

Well the situation kept getting worse with each passing day to the point where she contemplated quitting the show.

Joey Muthengi

Well at the end of it all, it ended beautifully with Joey Muthengi encouraging and reminding herself how far she had come to land on the screens. The media personality also went ahead to appreciate her fellow presenter on the show Uganda’s Dr Mich for encouraging her throughout the tough moment.

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