Tanasha Donna will probably stop being referred to as Nick Mutuma’s ex.

Despite being a model, she has proven that she has another hidden talent not many know about. In fact, she did not know much about it until early this year. So Tanasha had an interview with Citizen TV’s 10/10 and we all thought it was about her modeling career.

She surprised us when she took the microphone to sing. Yes, Tanasha Donna is a songbird. Having done a collabo with Nviiri who is a storyteller who co-wrote Melanin they went to do their first ever live performance. Despite the fact that she was nervous, she put in a good performance, exhibiting her gifted voice.

Nvirii explains that they met in a video production set which is her normal day to day job but they jumped into music. They were just jamming as Nvirii was playing the guitar. She started singing and that was where talent was found. She is now working on a mixtape.

Joey Muthengi

During the interview, she was asked about her relationship with the many men named against her name including Ali Kiba, Nick Mutuma and Steve Mbogo. Tanasha said she is in a relationship but she’d rather leave it private.

Nick Mutuma’s ex, Tanasha refutes claims she is Alikiba’s wife (SCREEN SHOT)

After the interview, she went on her Instagram to acknowledge and thank 10/10 for the interview but then threw shade saying,

Last night at @citizentvkenya performing ex anaiva, had a great time except for being asked one unnecessary question, which really pissed me off… But for the rest had a great time. 💃🏿🎤 he co wrote melanin

Joey did ask the question in an offensive way saying she has been associated with many men so she should clarify. This clearl clearly rubbed Tanasha the wrong way.

We are yet to see more of Tanasha singing and we wish her all the best in her new endeavors.