Joey Muthengi with Jambo Massawe

Joey Muthengi’s Instagram account is no more as she was hacked and promises to start another account for her fans.

The former Citizen TV news anchor says she will not follow up on the hacked account

She announced that;

Hey friends, it appears by account has been compromised/hacked. Please do not agree to any seemingly lucrative deals on my behalf. I will open a new account soon. I hope you will follow me there. All the hugs


She went on to wish the hacker all the best with the account;

Whoever you are, you won. I hope this helps you sleep at night. Take the account, I pray it brings you Coro ..I mean… happiness. I will not ever pay a bribe for that which is mine …not in this lifetime 

Muthengi left Citizen TV in 2018 where she hosted 10 over 10.

Joey Muthengi

All good things come to an end! Joey Muthengi quits Citizen TV