Friday 9, November was Joey Muthengi’s last day at Citizen TV. The sexy screen siren announced her exit after the show ended, leaving many surprised.

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The teary Muthengi gave a detailed speech on her future plans, media career and thanked her supporters and the Royal Media Services for the support.

Joey Muthengi

She said;

Today is my last day on 10over10 show. I just want to thank our producer who gave me this opportunity. To my co-host wild Willis Raburu, we’ve had some great time. The fans have been amazing and of course the fans. Also just want to thank the management of RMS for your support and mentorship for the past years I’ve been here. 

Joey, who recently came out to rubbish reports that she was dating a governor, set the record clear saying;

Don’t believe everything you read on the blogs.this is my family.  Past couple of days have been tough for me but its been a lot of kindness, and support and love from everyone. 


She added;

For those of you who are asking where I’m going next, ‘first I’m going to the club tonight’.

Joey Muthengi

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Muthengi said that she’s

going to relax, recuperate. I think I deserve that. I will do a lot of traveling starting with my county Machakos. I just want to say thank you so much. THE SHOW HAS TO GO ON. iTS NOT ABOUT ME. 

Well, Willis Raburu, Joey’s co-host has penned a touching message to her wishing her all the best in her future endeavors.

Joey Muthengi

Below is Raburu’s message;

What a ride it has been. You inspire me with your passion and meticulous planning, your organization and your amazing spirit. Most people don’t even understand our chemistry or how hard it is to find in this industry. Outside of it, you are my friend. Never judging, always protecting and simply put, you get me. Thanks for coping with the noise and for standing with me always in good times and bad (it’s been quite the year). Listen, God’s got such an amazing plan for your life you have no idea. No one can dim your shine. So @joeymuthengi shine on! Imma be here cheering you through it all. God bless you Young J! 🔥🔥🔥