Joey Muthengi with Jambo Massawe

TV host Joey Muthengi has dismissed reports of her whirlwind romance with football star McDonald Mariga as a creation of the media.

This story with Mariga has gotten out of control. The media started it, they perpetuated it and now they have ended it

Joey explained that she was misquoted.

After I was asked in an interview, what kind of guy Mariga is, the words I used were, ‘He is a nice guy, he is cool’. and that is it. There is no reason to read in between the lines.

Joey Muthengi

She added that she is not moving to Milan, Italy, but rather she will be there for “work”.

Asked if she plans to get married, Joey responded with a hard cold, “No!”

Actually I’m not dating.

And marriage?

That has never been something I wanted to do. Never ever. You can even ask my mother. Marriage is not for everyone. I don’t feel like it is a must. If it is not helping me wachana nayo.

She talked about past relationships, saying,

I have been hurt a lot. I have chosen badly, I cannot blame them, I love bad boys and I love hard. Now I Just keep my distance. I think that has also contributed to why I don’t ever want to get married.

Earlier on, Mariga’s family member came out to say that Mariga is planning to wed his baby mama in 2019.

He is engaged to his mixed-race girlfriend in Italy and they have a daughter, Kenisha, together. She is very private. They are planning on getting married in Spain in summer 2019

Adding, “And Victor Wanyama is the best man.”

Joey Muthengi

Summer in Italy begins on Friday, June 21, and ends on Monday, September 23. So if the bride and groom-to-be are to choose a date, it will fall between those four months.

Joey categorically stated:

There is now a wedding. There is no relationship with Mariga. The chemistry we had on the BetIn adverts were because we are both chill people, it was easy


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