Joe Muchiri

Freedom of expression is great. But misusing it, waters down that freedom. But using it to wish harm on someone else? That is something else all together.

Screenshots of Joe Muchiri saying that a lady who did not want to vote for Nyashinki – after he was nominated for the MTV EMA – should be raped with a cactus has hit the interwebs.

The lady in question is a violinist identified on social media as Wanjiru Chenyiza Maina.

Check out her story here;

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After Wanjiru Maina got a lot of attention for her post, she later defended her stance saying, “It not a patriotism thing…it’s either I like you or I don’t. Some of ya’ll have stacked albums by Beyoncé, Rihanna…but you wouldn’t buy an album for that person who sang in your vernacular language at your relative’s wedding and her album was like 500 bob while for Rihanna’s you went through the trouble of buying online,waiting like a month to have it shipped to your place. Gerarahia😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Its preference guys…and that’s just it for me.”

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Joe Muchiri posted the hateful and chauvinistic remark in a Whatsapp group full of artistes and entertainers titled “I Love 254 Music” saying:

“Huyu dame atatombwa na cactus, I prayed about that!”

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Most of the artistes kept off the matters while some cheered him one.

The only artiste who called out Joe Muchiri for the inappropriate comment is Benga King Dan Aceda.

He wrote, “This is out of order Jameni.”

Other artistes followed suit and called him out for normalising sexual violence against women.

Filmmaker Virani Elchie removed Joe Muchiri from the group and took to Facebook to publicise the hate comment saying, “Popular socialite and radio personality Joe Muchiri prays for a lady to be mutilated by Cactus! Wow Kenya how did we get here? In Kenya we have normalized rape! Apparently this man has a top position at Capital FM Kenya.”

Wanjiru Chenyiza Maina commented on the issue saying, “There are bigger battles am fighting in life…and this is not one of them.”

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Check out the screenshots as leaked:


Joe Muchiri Rape


Joe Muchiri Rape


Joe Muchiri Rape