Joe Jackson revealed that the most precious moment of his life was watching his family become world famous – and that his dying wish was for their fame to continue.

During one of his final ever interviews, the father of Michael Jackson and his Jackson 5 brothers, opened up about how proud he was to have raised celebrity children.

The 89-year-old was speaking on the red carpet of the 2018 Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party, in LA on March 4, when he was asked what the high point of his life had been.

‘All of my family is famous and known everywhere, and they’re known all over the world,’ he replied. ‘And when I say everywhere, I mean all over the world. I want them to keep it up and I hope they will,’ he added.

Joe Jackson, who lived in Las Vegas, died on Wednesday in hospital after a long battle with stage four pancreatic cancer.

Joe, the patriarch of an American musical dynasty, had been estranged from much of his family for a long time.

He famously helped train his children to stardom and Michael Jackson, LaToya Jackson and Janet Jackson, as well as the rest of the Jackson 5, all became world famous.

But Joe was also accused of verbally and physically abusing his kids in his ambition to make them stars.

 Asked what makes a star in his March interview, shared by Liam McEwan, he hinted at the tough upbringing his children were put through.

‘A lot of training, which is hard, and like what you’re doing,’ he said. ‘Because these days kids want to play all the time. It’s OK for kids to play and be happy, but at the same time you have to think of the future,’ he continued.   

The Jackson family was often riven by legal battles, jealousies, money disputes, Joe’s philandering and allegations of child molestation against Michael, as well as Michael’s eccentric lifestyle.

Joe was estranged from Michael – who became one of the world’s most successful and best-known performers – before the singer’s 2009 death.

He was also estranged from his wife, Katherine, and many of his other children, including another singing superstar, Janet.

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The 89-year-old was speaking on the red carpet of the 2018 Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party, in LA on March 4 (pictured)


Interviewer Liam McEwan shared the interview on Twitter, paying tribute to Jackson

‘Joe was a strong man who acknowledged his own imperfections and heroically delivered his sons and daughters from the steel mills of Gary, Indiana to worldwide pop superstardom,’ John Branca and John McClain, the executors of the estate of Michael Jackson, said in a statement confirming the death.

The King of Pop’s father was on his deathbed and later hospitalized as he battled stage four pancreatic cancer.

A family source tells that Jackson, who had his wife Katherine by his side when he passed away, faded into unconsciousness on Tuesday.

Katherine made the decision to move Jackson into hospice care over the weekend as his health began to rapidly decline.

The patriarch of the Jackson family had voiced his desire to hold on through Monday said the family source, which marked the ninth anniversary of his son’s death.

Jackson and his wife had been living apart for the past few years following a tumultuous 69-year relationship during which Jackson fathered a love child, had multiple affairs and was accused of abusing the couple’s children.

Jackson had been ailing for months, but took a turn for the worse in the past two weeks according to sources close to the family.

His famous family all clambered to be by the bedside of the sickly father-of-eleven, but Jackson’s handlers allegedly barred senior family members from visiting him, including his wife Katherine and oldest child Rebbie.

For four days, his sons and daughters were locked in heated discussions, unsure what was going on and pleading to see their father. later learned that following an emergency Jackson family meeting and desperate pleas to Jackson’s manager, Charles Coupet, family members were finally granted access to the octogenarian last Tuesday night.

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It is understood that he suffered from a form of dementia and had suffered several strokes in recent years.

‘I will always love you! You gave us strength, you made us one of the most famous families in the world,’ wrote his daughter LaToya

‘I am extremely appreciative of that, I will never forget our moments together and how you told me how much you cared. #RIP Joe Jackson.’

Katherine, daughters Rebbie and Joh’Vonnie and granddaughter Yashi Brown were among those who visited with Jackson in his final days.

Jackson’s son Jermaine confirmed the odd situation when approached by

‘No one knew what was going on – we shouldn’t have to beg, plead, and argue to see our own father, especially at a time like this,’ he said.

‘We have been hurting.We were not being told where he was and couldn’t get the full picture. Even from the doctor. My mother was worried sick.’

Joe Jackson, who was born July 26, 1928, in Fountain Hill, Arkansas, had tried careers as a boxer and a guitarist with little success in the 1950s. He was working as a crane operator at a steel plant in Gary, Indiana, when he took note of the musical talents of his sons.

In 1993, Jackson suffered perhaps the most devastating blow of his life and career when Michael appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s eponymous talk show and went into great detail about the emotional and physical abuse he endured during his youth.

That sit-down remains the most watched interview in television history, with 90 million people tuning in to hear the King of Pop speak openly for the first time in 14 years.

It would also be one of his last interviews, as he retreated from the public eye soon after in the wake of allegations that he had sexually molested young boys.

Jackson, despite his son’s comments to Winfrey, stood by Michael’s side throughout the trials that followed, often accompanying Michael to court.

In 2002 he was also inducted into the Rock and Hall of Fame as the Best Entertainment Manager of All Time.

Janet also paid tribute to her father just a few days ago at the Radio Disney Awards, where she was honored.

‘My father, my incredible father drove me to be the best I can,’ said Janet, who recently welcomed her first child last year, son Eissa Al Mana.

Source: Daily Mail

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