Politicians are known to wield their influence all around the world and the worst of the lot are Kenyan politicians as they will make you feel like you are a lesser human being or useless.

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Rapper James Mburu, alias Jimw@t, recently had a first-hand encounter with one of these callous individuals and lived to tell the tale.

Reports indicate that the “Under 18” singer was buying meat at a butchery in Imara Daima Estate on Saturday, October 29 when a popular politician and his bodyguards arrived.

To his surprise, the politician’s guard’s kicked him out of the butchery claiming he shouldn’t be served before them. Jimwat had to leave what he had bought behind.

He recounted his experience to Monday Blues saying he was really humiliated and that no one should be subjected to such treatment, their stature notwithstanding.

“I was buying ‘matumbo’ when the politician’s car stopped at the butchery and he walked out with his bodyguards to purchase meat. They pushed me away from the person who was serving me and said they should be served first. It was so humiliating. I was exposed to a lot of humiliation and I questioned why I was being pushed away. I am saying this just to expose an issue that should not happen to anyone in the society,” he said.

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