It is almost election season and the drama that is coming will be of monumental proportions.

Especially with the politicians spending money left right and centre.

One lady narrated how an aspiring politician spent money on her, asked her to dump her baby daddy and move in with him…then he dumped her like yesterday’s smelly garbage.

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Here is her tale…

I loved Jemo so much we had dated for about 2years n 2014 i  got paged. In April last year got a baby boy we were not yet married Jemo was just a hustler so i thought settling with this guy al be wasting my life but he loved the son n kept visiting and providing for the baby when he could. I lived in one bedroom somewhere in west indies was abit stable an averagely paying job in short we dint lack any basic needs my son Dm n I
On a Tuesday morning kissed my son goodbye n off to work at around 4 in the eve this customer walked in asked if he could get seat no One soft spoken in a desighner suit He looked more of a gentle man with a big phone u call them Ipads and daily nation on his arms.
We respected such customers n we occasionally tried our best to give then seat no 1 or 5. if for once uve used this luxury shuttles u know what a mean
Asked his name n he was like CHORAM i got confused which name be this? ?? J-O-R-A-M he spelt i almost laughed out loud anyway wrote the receipt handed over to him he gave me a thousand note n said keep change mark u fair is 800. Its those season when the car would take even 40mins bfr its full so he had all the time to chat with me we chatted this n that n endep up asking for my No he said hell love to be booking for the front seat prior his travelling day since he worked in Nairobi but woul come back to his village every weekend as he was aspiring for a certain. political seat in western Kenya
day passed n one day got a msg. on my whatsup “greet that kapepi for me
Jeez whos this now i had my son as my watsap prof pic i asked ni nani?

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there came amsg Choram kwa ukusafe no yangu •••• am like ooooh cool iwill greet him
we kept talking n one day he asked me on adate. was reluctant but my love for revs n money pushed me to agreeing later that eve he asked for my houz directions gave him n within atwinkle of an eye my phone was ringing “hallooo mai (typical bukusu man) nkt almost disconected the call when i heard that mai word— Nko nje ebu kuja kufungua gate i saw abrand new lexus KCH with dark windows abouncer walked out opened the back door n out came joram alias Choram wa mai
he hugged me. n asked if iwas ready gave me so many thoudand notes dint even count ati go give dm anulie baby maziwa asilie when u not around cheeeeeei. in my mind istarted planning how al black list jemos no from my phone
He took me to an expensive joint in tao we ate drank then he started telling me about himself. ati ihave two daughters their mum got agreen card n flew to USA never to return so hes asingle parent but since he was going into politics it will be respectful of him to have awife by his side n he saw the wife in me. that song sjui ni ya jimw@t “si unapsyche na mi nina psyche so tunaeza likiana came in my mind asingle dad. to gals am asingle mam. to aboy wat aperfect match but deep inside all i wanted was his money Karma is a bitch
I dint say yes or no told him fishy stories about me most which warent true at about 10pm i requested to go back home he agreed called the driver n home iwas taken the following morning he came to book again alikuwa anarudi nai akaniachia 10k mark u yester night alipa 20k he said hell b back n aweeks time cool moths passed now we were tighter than tight all this while my phone is allergic to jemos No So last night Jorum called me n told me hell be coming for about 2weeks to lounge his political seat so he would like shift from my hao twende in aposhy esto elgon view ati he might b coming in from time to time with his friends but he gave me one condition that icall my baby daddy n tell him its ove n avgot nothing to do with him again silly me blinded by my love fr easy cash said its okay did exactly wat he said ile matope nliambia jemo ustake jua Deal sealed after aday or two he.told me anakam kuwithdraw doo tulipe hao we move in n buy some new staffs .he had already introduced me to the brother siz n bro inlaw hubby to the siz so idint smell any lies here .Mimi huyo started bragging to my workmets n neighbours vile siko ligi yao tena n where they can get me if they need me So the day he was to come we move out nkaamka morning akacall ati i prepare everything akifika tu nkukama Stiupid me took.all the money i had payed some chicks to dismantle my hao am now madamboss heeeheeeee let me laugh tukatoa vitu nje nangoja choram akuche na mang’ondo chuu ata nshapikia msee wa lorry wa kupepa fitu Shock on me Jorum is not picking my calls 20 mist calls down the line no answer hours later The mobile subscriber cannot be reached now holding my hands on my head nyumba yangu someoneelse ashalipia jemo pia sjui ntaanzaje kumapproach have no money with me now am left there like azombie all the neighbours now starring at me
Now am done with the jorum guy even forgetting the whole saga from nowhere i receive a msg from him am sorry for what happened do u still leave there i pass by n explain things out nkt what do u do to such aguy leme deal with this ingo man which will b story for another day.

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