Pastor Emmanuel Esezobor
Junior pastors kneeling down to welcome Pastor Emmanuel Esezobor in church

A photo of junior pastors of Fire House Ministry Church in Abuja, Nigeria kneeling down to receive/welcome their senior pastor, Bishop Emmanuel Esezobor in the church has gone viral leaving many shocked.

Pastor Emmanuel Esezobor
Junior pastors kneeling down to welcome Pastor Emmanuel Esezobor in church

According to sources, that’s a norm in the Fire House Ministry Church and the pastor sees nothing wrong in his juniors doing that.

Pastor Emmanuel Esezobor

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This has left many condemning the act terming it as foolishness.

Here are some of the comments from social media

Amara Blessing Nwosu: The chief executive of Firehouse Assembly in Abuja, Nigeria. This can only happen in Africa. God, please come save Africans from these guys.

Chris Kagunda: Is the soldier behind him Jesus Christ?

Hart Otua Nakwaasah: This is a true reflection of a cherished value system embraced by Nigerians under the guise of the Christian religion. Businessmen and women masquerading as religious heads with their own churches where they reign supreme.

Joy Ngofa Robinson: Worshippers of pastors, I’m getting sick of the happenings in some churches

Gobo Prince Emmanuel: Complete madness in the name of honor, if Naija respect God the way they respect these men, I swear we will not see some violence we see today,

Vincent Naetor: This is absolute madness

Chamberlain Peterside: Religion going overboard!!!

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Chukwu Ezekiel: Nonsense, and should be condemned by the whole world why should those who think they are leaders always claim DEMIGODS.

Duncan Malova: Kama ni kanisa wacha ikae

Hon Fred: And why does the pastor need police?… Fake pastors..Jesus never had police or even disciples to protect him… So if these bishops are real, why do they need earthly protection when they have God?

Francis Kasina: Pastor being guarded by armed officer,who wants to harm him?

Tony Smojo Almeida: This is why sometimes on Sunday’s I wake up and am like…. I’ll pray right here on this bed.

Edwin Mochama Maina: I really don’t have opinions for such. A gun wielding bodyguard, people kneeling and all…if we only could exercise being humble in the eyes of the Lord. Anyway, let me not judge anyone…the picture speaks for itself. Embracing and practicing ways and traits of Christ Jesus is way better than comparing oneself to Him.

Ben Nakata: Such pastors are sent by Satan himself. They will never ever preach about eternal life and work of Jesus Christ on the cross

Liz Neema: Hehehe…to be honest this kind of stupidity is inborn otherwise i dnt see how a normal human being can do this

Izaq Greg: The naive will be misused like toilet paper

Dan Mandu: God have mercy on your people! These spiritual dads are competing with politicians.