Gospel star Nicah The Queen in making headlines after she posted another thirst inducing photo.

She captioned it “Jesus Girl”.

Bang Bang! Watch CS Amina’s daughter Firyal operate a rifle

Now, Kenyans cannot keep calm. See some of their shameless comments.


favourarchymb: You decided to go for real oga after fake oga from busia poda disappointments…go go go jesus gul

Disturbing photos of Major Mugure who killed his wife Joyce Syombua

janettewakesho: One day you will understand what salvation is. Kill the darkness by turning on the Light ..

b_e_t_n_u_m_z: Naskia ulilabwa vibaya sana na weezdom😂😂

john.kinuthia.3323: Thys umebarikiwa Sana but u Don reply ma inbx

bassplayer1056: Thick thighs saves lives 🤗💯🙋🏽‍♂️

freddiemaxiie: Jesus what !!!!! ? Read again about JESUS

carl_scout_sr: Premium twa twa got you touring the west👊

kakamkali: I like your sexy ass gal why lie honey @nicahthequeen

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