Man buried in BMW

A Nigerian man only identified as Azubuike has set the internet a frenzy after he buried his father in a brand new German machine.

The man gave him a befitting send-off by burying him in a brand new BMW worth $88,960 equivalent to Ksh 8,9 million – to use as his coffin.

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May were astonished and photos from the posh burial were shared online by his fellow country people.

One Usman Okai Austin wrote:

“And the strange things keep on happening in the south-east as much more importance is being attached to the burial, and the most unfortunate things is that Azubuike Father rode on a motorcycle while alive and he is going into the grave with an expensive car.

Nigerian Man Azubuike buries his Father with a brand new BMW worth N32millon, in his father’s village in Ihiala LGA, Mbosi, Anambra State. Now, is this a waste or accord more respect to his late Dad?”

Check out the photo

Man buries father in BMW
Nigerian man buries father in BMW

Reactions include:

Tricia Kemi Offor: Somethings are best known to the doer. Just see and pass ok or rather get close to him to find out why he did it. Stop judging every individual’s action cos you don’t leave with them and will never know why they do what they do. Thanks

Aboadegbe Juiliana: His is going to ride it in heaven na,he rides motor bike while on earth ,he can’t continue riding the same in heaven na,abi him na okada man? nonesense,am sure he would have been appreciated if that money is used in building a house for the ophans instead of this rubbish.

Samson Obaje: Is BMW that light that 4 to five men could easily carry like this into the grave we are seeing so?
And the grave is not wide enough to accommodate the vehicle as well.

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Salihu Muhammed: I don’t know why we Nigerians like taking drugs for another man’s headache. It is his choice when its your time do your own let everybody mind his /her business.

Ayanologo Raphael Ogundele: Total madness this man should be arrested and investigated. Money is inside that BMW car. Azubuike can’t take the money to the Bank

Ilomechina Stephen: It’s already said my people die out of ignorance.. some people don’t just get it.. 32m can change his village people lives.. u don’t honor d dead with wealth.more with love while about to meet his or her, maker,

Ik Obiora: The only respect you own the dead is to open the ground and bury the corps that’s all use jet fighter or limousine to bury your dead you are a big fool