Akothee and her daughter Celly Rue Brown

Akothee’s second daughter Rue Baby is a spitting image of her famous mum. She has followed in her footsteps and the teenager is already making money. Celine Dion real name, was recently named the face of Nivea and the news wasn’t received well by a section of Kenyans.

Akothee with her daughter Rue Baby
Akothee with her daughter Rue Baby

They trolled her claiming she did not deserve to win and Akothee, the protective and supportive mother, came to her defense.

Mtaongea Mtachoka! Akothee’s Daughter Claps Back At Haters Who Called Her Ugly Claiming That She Was Riding On Her Mother’s Coattails

Well, just the other day while attending an event with her mother, Rue Baby wore a dark blue high low dress.

She looked gorgeous but almost showed off her private parts. She took a picture and shared on her Instagram account.

She captioned the above photo:

“Gimmie a caption guys this too lit 😍😍😍😘i don’t disappoint on red carpet.”

Her followers flooded the comment section, claiming that she had exposed her private parts and here are some of the comments.

Dicksonpambala: I can see pussy or am wrong

Mercyjohn_25: Hi guys stop this…she is not naked is called high fashion guys…I like the style…😘😘

Akothee's daughter Rue Baby

Mutuku_254: Uko sawa lakini macho yangu yamekula extra..kitu safii

Princetsyder: Ni Mimi naona zangu ama?😂

b.e.n.s.o_n: You just disappointed. Not Impressive at all.

francis.mwangangi: Hio ni nunu naona ama?

Akothee's daughter Rue Baby

Shiluatso: hata Mimi nimeona na nimebaki kinywa wazi

shiluatso: Am not a hater but I think I’ve seen something not pleasing at all

miss_sylviah: looking fine but cjui naona zangu ama

Akothee's daughter Rue Baby

princessjully: Lovely bt sijui kama ni mm naona zangu au vipi

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empressclaire: I’m I seeing things popping out re check your photo girl

But who are we judge?

Here’s the screenshot

Akothee's daughter Rue Baby

She later responded with these thoughts,

Y’all haters never lack something to say..what p**** do you see there…please not on my page .mind your on business