Jerida Andayi and Jacque Maribe

Veteran radio presenter Jerida Andayi has come out to defend Jacque Maribe, who is a suspect in Monica Kimani’s murder.

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The Radio Citizen presenter says being famous comes with a price and that’s why many are judging Maribe. Jeridah says that the public should stop being harsh on celebrities or rather media personalities because most of them have a life out there, not just being on the microphones and screens.

She wrote;

I’m in the media. I’m a woman. I’m well known and so I feel right now what Jacque Maribe is going through. Most of this is because she’s well known and so she gets judged for everything. I know it. I get judged all the time because I’m in the limelight. Would you all be interested in this case if it wasn’t a media personality? I doubt. Look here, we’re human beings. We have a life beyond the radio microphones and studio cameras . Give us peace. Respect our private space. I say this for hundreds of my colleagues who are feeling so fatigued with Jacque this Jacque that, media women this and that. We have a life behind the cameras and off the microphones. And oh yes, we realize that we’re greatly privileged to occupy the public space. That does not make us less or more of humans. Every time you feel entitled to judge those in public eye, think again!

Her remarks ignited mixed reactions with many lashing out at her.

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