Hessy is the most feared cop in the streets. The term “Hessy” now inspires fear and terror among many thugs. If he/they mention you on social media, now that you will most likely end up dead within months.

That is what happened to Jeremia Chege alias Njoro, a notorious thug who raped a woman at gunpoint while her boyfriend helplessly looked on.

The killer cop was in a jubilant mood to when he announced that Chege would no longer hurt anyone as he was no more. Hessy wa Dandora wrote on his social media:

“Am gud at keeping records! May 12th, 2017 was the day i talked about him after he raped a woman at gun point in presence of her man within Mowlem area. In reference to the same post, the notorious gangsta #Njoro aka #Safara has today been forced to #ObeyForceOfGravity within KCC area, #Umoja3 and a gun with several ammunitions recovered from him,”


Jeremia Chege walked into a police trap with fellow gangsters. The gang stopped a motorbike to rob the riders little did they know the riders were plainclothes police officers. He added chillingly to those who had escaped the force of gravity:

“A group of 7 waliamua kuwa ‘Night Patrol Officers’ aty kila mtu anapita iyo area ya Grogon ukistretch mpaka Balkas legio maria-St Johns lazima atoe kila kitu…#Kim akiwa amejihami kwa Njora akasmamisha pikipiki yetu na akasema tumpatie kila kitu tukonayo…Haya basi…matokeo yakawa namna that…#Mgaza na wengine tano mlibahatika kutoroka bt i said it b4…Game ni ile ya njugu…moja moja mpaka tamati….”

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