Comedian Jemutai

Churchill Show comedienne Jemutai has said she is done bearing kids.

According to her, two is a perfect number and she is now focused on raising them up.

Speaking during an interview with Daniel Ndambuki, the mother of two said,

‘Growing up we were only two siblings, my bother and I.

So unlike other people we did not have to fight for slice ya mwisho ya mkate, he took one I took the other.

I studied I.T. while my brother did engineering.’

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The mother of two also added that she is done bearing more kids, her youngest is six months old.

‘It’s a wrap. I have two kids just like my mum.

She had my brother and I.’

Sharing her story on Churchill show on journey to stardom series, Jemutai shared that her first date was a disaster.

‘My first date was in Elgeyo Marakwet.

It started raining we did not even get a chance to talk much.

On going back home it was not raining so I was given a beating.’

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A witty Jemutai had in a past Churchill Show joked about how she sometimes forgets she is married.

‘Sometimes i am walking on the streets and hear cat calls, once I turn I remember that  i am married so I start walking away.

But then i am like what if it’s me being called.

The person says ‘yes ni wewe, funga kamba ya kiatu.’


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