Elizabeth Lulu and The Late Kanumba
Elizabeth Lulu and The Late Kanumba

Popular Tanzanian actress Diana Elizabeth Lulu Micheal has been found guilty of the murder of the Late Steven Kanumba.

Kanumba was one of the best bongo movie stars and he died on the night of 7 April 2012, after he and Elizabeth had a heated argument.

The Late Steven Kanumba

In a past court hearing, Lulu said the deceased wanted to attack her with a Panga after which he fell down and was unconscious. She then ran for her life only to get the news that Kanumba was no more.

‘I Didn’t Kill Kanumba’ Actress Denies Murder Charges

Today, the court has charged her with killing the actor without intent -manslaughter- and she will face two years imprisonment.

Elizabeth Lulu

Talking to the press in Tanzania, Kanumba’s mother Bi. Frola Kanumba cried and expressed how she felt that justice was served to her.

“Namshukuru Mwenyezi Mungu, naishukuru mahakama imetenda haki, Rest In Peace Marehemu Steven Kanumba.”

She added;

“Kalale salama mwanangu Steven Kanumba, Nikitoka hapa naenda makaburini naamini naenda kumzika, akapumzike kwa amani.”

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