Kenyan artiste Jegede has advised people to be careful when recording their bedroom escapades as it can make or break them when it leaks to the public.

According to him a tape exposing poor bedroom skills ruins one’s CV while one with good bedroom skills builds a CV.

Speaking on a phone interview with Mpasho, he said

‘I don’t think people make sex tapes with a purpose of leaking them. Personally, I have a lot of recordings but I keep them safe.’

‘I don’t do anal pekejeng,’ Akothee speaks on viral sex tape

His advise to people who intend on recording their bedroom games in the future.

‘If your s@x tape has come out and you had done it the way you are supposed to, it boosts your CV.

But when your bedroom game is wanting it ruins your reputation.

Kenyan celebs whose pictures and intimate videos have been leaked online

If you intend on recording a s@x tape chapa hiyo kitu vizuri so that when it leaks people will not judge your performance.

You can’t be a weakling in bed and still have a sex tape of you being leaked.’

Celebs such as Creme de la Creme have in the past found themselves in trouble after his sex tape was leaked.

Tanzanian star Wema Sepetu and Ella Ciiru have had to deal with the scrutiny of leaked tapes.

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