It would appear that the few hours Jeff Koinange spent in custody last week weren’t enough, as he snubbed the court for the second time today.

After Tasting The Inside Of A Jail Cell, This Is What Kenyans Had To Say About Jeff Koinange

The KTN TV host alongside political activist Tony Gachoka had been sued by city businessman Maina Wanjigi for discussing the conduct of a company in the media despite a court order barring the same.

After Being Treated To Stately Hospitality In Prison, Jeff Koinange Finally Released On Bail

Koinange was arrested on Tuesday last week for failing to honor court summons and was only released after paying a cash bail of Sh100,000. The judge then ordered him to appear in court on Monday this week but the TV man again ignored that directive. He will now forfeit the bail amount for the repeat offense and police are already looking for him with orders to arrest him.

Unlike Koinange, his co-accused, Gachoka, was in court on Monday as directed.