Joseph Ndegwa

Talented Joseph Ndegwa Ngare became an internet sensation after a video of him imitating veteran journalist Jeff Koinange went viral.

On Wednesday, he made his debut on JKLive show, where he was hosted by his idol Jeff Koinange.

Ndegwa made his way to the studio in a similar fashion reminiscent of Jeff, holding the signature cup of tea.

“Welcome to Citizen TV my name is Jeff Koinange….Remember to tweet in @KoinangeJeff and hashtag as always is #JKLive….and JKLive begins….right now….taaaaanite!” the talented boy said,”.

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He took a sip just like Jeff does, leaving the former CNN journalist puzzled.

“I’m looking at myself [MINI ME] right now. Are you kidding me?” he said while laughing.


Ndegwa then told Jeff

“Umemaliza kazi hapa Jeff…Enda home.”

Jeff Koinange

Joseph, a pupil at Olulunga Day Primary School in Narok County said he wants to be a journalist and he started watching Jeff earlier in the year because he likes his voice.

It took me 40 years to do this and you’re 11 years old..,’ Jeff tol the Grade 5 pupil and he responded saying, My, my, my, Oh my wamae,’ Ngare said.

The two went ahead to have a conversation and as Jeff would say, it was ‘smoooking hot!’

Jeff: One day you’ll be like me.

Joseph: In fact, you should leave JKL now, I don’t know who hired you.

The host had so much fun interviewing the star boy and concluded by saying

“Joseph Ngare Ndegwa, the man who’s gonna take over from me any day now,”

The young boy added, “from now”.

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Many were left mesmerised by his confidence. Here are some of the comments;

Scrivens Baba Clarah This kid has made my night haki, JKL Live Citizen Tv, wah😱😱😱talent is real yawa

Geoffrey Omondi Full of energy, follows his dream and passion. He has a bright future. I can even hear angels are jubilating.So far so good, let CBC be implemented on him fully.

Rose Njoki So talented, the confidence. a boy with a bright future… May our good Lord see Him through

Moses Kiptanui I can’t remember anything meaningful i was doing at 11 years old….kid are pure gold.CONFIDENCE

Siham Hassan Jeez! Thanks Jeff for giving this boy a chance to practice his talent go far baby boy am proud of you 😍

Penina Wainaina Am in love with his confidence.This boy is going far

Course Tutor The confidence in this beautiful kid can scare away corruption in Kenya

Awinja Mukhwana Glory be to the Most High God, Jeff has an inheritance, wow…..

Silas Ouko Very talented indeed thanks Jeff for bringing Him live at JKL

Justus Limumba woow sema born with confidence,Jeff you have to train this young boy because already the talent is out

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James Omosa This is just lovely, nurturing the young talent, Kudos for bringing this raw talent on tv

Here is the video