Jeff Koinange
Jeff Koinange

Jeff Koinange is one of the most influential media personalities around. The multitalented personality, who doubles as a TV and radio presenter, recently opened up about his life in an interview with Yvonne Aoll.

The Smoking hooot guy revealed that he respects women so much, a subject that most men don’t openly talk about.

Respect! My mother, again, a young widow, she didn’t remarry, she was committed to educating her children, and she’s still alive, she’s over 70 years old now. That’s respect right there.


And every time I interview women on my show, I realise it’s long overdue that Africans gave women the mantle. It should have been done a long time ago. If women were to run this continent, oh, I tell you, it would be, ‘Smoking!’

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During the interview, Jeff also said that he and his wife tried really hard to have a child and finally had their only son, Jamal, through IVF (In vitro fertilisation).

In vitro fertilisation is a process of fertilisation where an egg is combined with sperm outside the body, in vitro. The process involves monitoring and stimulating a woman’s ovulatory process, removing an ovum or ova (egg or eggs) from the woman’s ovaries and letting sperm fertilise them in a liquid in a laboratory.

Jeff Koinange said that his son Jamal is the most precious thing in his life.

It’s the most incredible thing. We really tried to have him, and when we finally did, we said we’d do our best to give him everything we never had, including the both of us, a father and a mother, which I particularly never had.

Jeff Koinange

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When asked about that one thing he would tell his son, the former CNN journalist spoke so deep. He said:

I’d like him to know that he can be whatever he wants to be in this world. He has the opportunity, he has the background, he’s got great parents, (pauses), he can be whatever he wants to be.

I’d also tell him, ‘Don’t step into anybody’s footsteps, don’t try and be like Daddy in any way, no pressure to do what your dad did, do what you want to do. Carve your own path.

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When asked about why we have a lot of talented people around but they have to have side hustles so as to make something that will put bread on the table, Jeff said:

I think it’s people’s attitudes. You can make money with whatever you do, you can make money selling newspapers on the streets. You can make money selling books. Look, if you don’t believe you can do something, then you won’t do it. If you believe you can do it…!

I mean, who ever thought the likes of Kipchoge Keino, going on down, that one day, they’d be multimillionaires? And that’s running only, you talk about us, and what we do? This, this is a different kettle of fish. You can make a hell of a lot of money, if that’s your intention, you can.

Just like any other person, Jeff said when he takes breaks to rejuvenate, he simply travels to somewhere when he can have peace of mind.

I do, and I do take breaks. And I go somewhere where nobody will see me, or know me, I switch off my phone, and I just renew and refuel my energy.

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