Jeff and Jalas are over!

Jalang’o who scooped himself a job as the HOT 96 morning show host alongside Jeff Koinange afew months ago has called it quits. The two started a show, Jeff and Jalas that was not only funny but very educative. They come from different walks of life and putting them on one show created a balance.

The rumours of his exit have been circulating but with the changes happening at Royal Media, we all thought it was a case like Willis Raburu’s. Willis had been rumoured to have quit Citizen TV and moved to NTV kumbe it was just switching things up.

Jeff and Jalas
Jeff and Jalas

Jalang’o started his radio career at Kiss 100 where he was a co-host with one of the biggest names in the media industry, Caroline Mutoko and Nyambane. At that very moment, he was just getting to understand what radio is all about but he was given the opportunity to shine on.

Jalang’o then focused on comedy and MCing then went back to radio to work with a man he calls his mentor, Jeff Koinange.

He broke the news today morning in a long post saying:

My brother…My Mentor…My Friend and my partner…I haven’t even called you to say bye because I don’t know what to tell..I guess my voice will shake all through and maybe I’d want to lie and maybe tell you I’ll be back…It’s your time to shine on! Hold the fort! You’ve always done it so it shouldn’t be different! 
Thank you for everything Jeff

Jalang'o and Jeff
Jalang’o and Jeff

Pointing out the many lessons Jeff taught him and the memories he shared with Jeff Koinange he wrote:

1. Making me believe in myself again that I can fit in any place even when people didn’t believe in me you made me shine among the elite! 
2. No single day did you ever look down on me even when you knew that our lives were far apart and so different but you held my hands and we created something beautiful #JeffAndJalasOnHot96 
3. Each day I learned something new from you and that gave me the reason to want to wake up each day…your experience in the industry is something I needed and you made working with you a vacation each day!
4. When we started they all were asking “Jeff and JALAS how? And I remember you telling me to watch this space! See what it became…A monster show!
5. Keep being the amazing guy you are…I hope you learn to dance kwangwaru soon enough…Friday Swahili interviews…Rooftop things.. and smoke the show up because it will always Go on! The show must go on…SMOOOOOOOOOOKING!

Jalang’o went back to school a while back and joined Daystar University where he has diligently taken up classes and is almost at the last leg of the degree he has been pursuing and is soon to graduate. He invited Jeff to his graduation and introduced the name of the new, Jeff In The Morning.

Jeff and Jalas
Jeff and Jalas

See you at my graduation! 

This could just be Jalang’o going to start something new with his radio bestie, Alex Mwakideu. They have been spending quite a lot of time together after Alex quit Radio Maisha. He has been throwing shade to Radio Maisha indirectly.

Insinuating that he might have left there with some form of bad blood.

Alex Mwakideu and Jalang'o
Alex Mwakideu and Jalang’o

Jeff Koinange has not spoken about Jalang’o’s exit from their show. All he did was put up a poster to introduce the show without Jalang’o. We just hope it ain’t no beef between them. They made a great duo.

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