Swaleh Mdoe
Swaleh Mdoe

Citizen TV news anchor Swaleh Mdoe has come out to state that he is not going anywhere.

He is here to star.

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Swaleh Mdoe has been nominated for the inaugural Radio and Television Personalities Awards (RTP Awards). They seek to honour the faces and voices of the media industry.

“I actually feel humbled because since 2012 when I was a runners up during the Media Council of Kenya’s Ajea as the media personality of the year, I stopped participating in any media awards or competitions,” Swaleh said.


Swaleh Mdoe
Swaleh Mdoe nomination letter

This nomination comes at a time when the TV and radio arena has been flooded by young and energetic talent. Does this change in wave faze bwana Mdoe?

“The fact that I’ve been nominated for this awards at this time when the sector is flooded with young ones shows that I am still doing the right thing,” he said.


Swaleh Mdoe
Swaleh Mdoe

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Adding that longevity in the industry for him comes with a few challenges.

Swaleh Mdoe explained, “Yes there are many challenges that comes with this career like jealousy from your colleagues and others who feel they could be you. It’s not an easy sail once you can stomach all these.”

The TV personality is known for his Babu quotes, he advised “fellow colleagues, upcoming journalists and haters, that babu says, ‘Bahati ya mwenzio usiilalie mlango wazi’. Tafakari hayo”.

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