JB Masanduku
JB Masanduku. photo credit: instagram/JB Masanduku

JB Masanduku recently came out with shocking revelations about his marriage with Tina Kaggia. In his exclusive interview with Mpasho, he divulged and astounded us with the claim that Tina Kaggia was physically abusive towards him.

This was a shocking tidbit from the comedian because the rule of thumb according to society and feminists is that women are almost always the one who are the victims. The men are always the aggressors, who instigate physical abuse.

Ike Turner meme
Ike Turner meme. photo credit: uproxx

This flips the script on the whole gender spectrum in terms of can men be abused? Are they? And what happens when men experience abuse at the hands of their significant others? These questions are integral in this conversation because when a woman comes out to say she has been physically abused, feminists close ranks and they help her while going for the jugular against the abuser.

This is good.

Victims are helped, abusers are shamed and if possible, convicted and jailed for their crime. No problem there.

Stop domestic violence
Stop domestic violence. photo credit:mark conner’s space

The only issue I have is that this script is only followed with unerring accuracy when the victim is a woman. But when a man is the victim of physical abuse, you will rarely if ever hear a supportive word for the man or even condemnation for the abuser. This is where I find that feminism is a two-edged sword.

Saying that equality for all is the goal, but when given an opportunity to show it towards men, nothing! Silence.

Silence meme
Silence meme. photo credit: make a meme

This is something I would really like to get answered? Is it that feminism can only work when the victim is female? Or is female on male violence such an aberration to the feminist agenda that were they to acknowledge it, it would detract from their message of women being the perpetual victims? Because studies have been done showing that on a global scale with reports that more than 2 out 5 domestic violence victims are male.

Maybe?….. I am not sure.

men are pigs meme
Men are pigs meme. photo credit: starecat.com

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