JB Masanduku
JB Masanduku. photo credit: niaje

JB Masanduku recently came out to publicly to tell Kenyans his truth about being involved in an abusive relationship with Tina Kagia which you can read about by clicking the link in blue.

The guy who was once one of the funniest men in Kenya before he fell off due to alcoholism and a love relationship or rather marriage to Tina Kagia that went sideways and culminated in an alleged suicide attempt by Tina.

And so it was with a heavy heart that he went about rebuilding his life without the woman with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and no longer being allowed access to his children. But like any man worth his salt would, JB Masanduku is getting stronger and trying to lead his best life.

The comedian hosted NTV’s The Trend and even participated in the end of 2017 Churchill Show finale. Check him out below as he goes about his business:


JB masanduku on his road to recovery