Girl Love

Love is love. The absence of love is not hate, but indifference.

A city girl tried to cure this indifference by visiting a witch doctor to acquire a dose of love portion that will make her man love her. Ceaselessly.

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She posted her story online asking for help because it did not work.

The city girl wrote, “8 years of dating and going to 9 years by May. Each time I want to leave, he will beg and beg and I will stay back. But I am not getting any younger, so my mum suggests I tie him down with black magic…

she said that you can’t keep men of this generations without juju. She took me to a prayer house more like,and they gave me something to insert inside my pussy before making love yo him so I did. I dressed up ,wore my best sexy night wear,and waited for him to come back,as soon as he got in I grabbed him and started romancing him,but something strange happened,he just jumped out of the bed, the next was he rushed to the bath to pour water,then came out after few minutes and told me not to try what I just tried today again.”

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the city girl continued, “He just picked up his car keys and left me. Am really scared, this one the guy big pass juju, what else can I use to pin this man down to marry me pls. Or is he into something fetish?”

Check out some reactions from social media users who sought to help out the city girl.

Na waa for you madam, the moment you have to tie a man to you, you are in the wrong place. Please, you need to leave even the guy because it’s obvious his own Juju pass your own, work on yourself and move closer to the Almighty.

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Dear poster….. Prepare to be visiting the prayer house all the days of your life if u think that is the solution, for what happened I bet you, you met your senior for the matter or probably the guy did nothing just that he has not seen u act the way u did and he sensed something… I will advise u talk issues with him if things do not work out then take a walk …. do not believe in juju cos every juju has an expiration date and once that is done that marriage will be hell for you #GoodLuck

Na yahoo Boi… He don use u… U can’t tie him down, he don tie u already. Tell your mama to take u back to ur witch Doctor and do strong juju for u… God pass all of u, u can’t stay calm with your God again and ask for directions, the repercussions will soon come.