Jasper Murume is one of the funny comedians from Churchill Show.

He came onto the comedy scene as a comedian with a Meru accent. He has been able to amass fans from all over, moving from Churchill Raw to Churchill Show. Jasper Murume has grown a brand that has given him subscribers on his own YouTube channel.

Comedy has become a big deal in the Kenya where one can make money real quick. Everyone loves a good laugh.

The whole tribal joke has clearly been absorbed by Kenyans and they seem to love it.

Jasper Murume had an interview with the newly appointed NACADA director, Chipukeezy on his show where he cast alot of shade.

First of all, he walked into the interview with miraa, nuts and a glass of water. Classic starter pack for a miraa chewer; a Meru stereotype.

If you have watched the show Real House Helps of Kawangware then you’re a fan of DJ Shiti. DJ Shiti is that guy on the show that comes up with rap songs as he always portrays himself as a msani.

So Chipukeezy asked Jasper if he knows DJ Shiti as they are almost alike in what they do.

‘Kuingia Churchill Show Si Mchezo,’ Jasper Murume Narrates Life Before And After Comedy Show

The first thing Jasper said was:

shiti ni ugonjwa gani?

That was the beginning of shade. Chipukeezy went ahead to even explain to him using his song as an illustration and from Jaspers face, you could tell he had no idea what or who DJ Shiti was so he asked:

hiyo ni wimbo? Hakuna mtu kama huyo najua

ni vizuri ujwe unaonglea nani? Ni DJ ama? Sijui mtu kama huyo

The only people he feels can threaten him are Khaligraph and Matiangi. So DJ Shiti cannot be a threat to him. He is his own brand and that’s that.

DJ Shiti uko wapi? We need your response on this.

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