ugly kenyan men
A sponsor is an old rich man who sleeps with young girls and in return, caters for their bills, takes them on expensive trips and spoils her by giving her a lot of money to flaunt on social media; at least according to Kenyans.
Cases of sponsors being killed and even killing their mpango wa kandos have been rampant in recent past. Most of the victims are married men who end up being killed by their clandes but with such stories making headlines every day, Kenyan men still prey on young girls.
Well, if you are a bachelor, stick to your lane, do not date these type of women who sleep around with sponsors for monetary gain. Dear Kenyan bachelors, below are the five mistakes you should NEVER make unless you are ready to die.
1. Never go have sex in a woman’s house. Haujui nani analipa rent.
First of all, why would you feel comfortable in a woman’s house? You are not the one paying the rent so please keep off or else mwenyewe akikupata utahara ndengu! Also never entertain such women!
2. Never pay school fees for a woman who is not your wife or doesn’t have your children
Why would you do such? If she is not your life or baby mama, do not bother. After sacrificing to pay her school fees she will dump you like rancid porridge after completing her studies. Remember the recent KU graduate who was stabbed to death by her lover ex-military officer?
3. Investing in liabilities and not assets
Also spending too much on women instead of investments. Invest in something that will also benefit you. Do not spend your money on women trying to please them i.e taking them out, buying them expensive drinks. One day you will wake up only to be told your relationship is over. Invest wisely.
4. Having babies with multiple baby mamas
Are you in competition with the late Akuku Danger? If you really want many children, look for one beautiful woman and settle down with her and have as many kids as you can. If you have multiple baby mamas, they will milk you dry. You will spend all your savings on the children hence you will end up languishing in poverty begging for help from people. Also, when one dies, baby mamas show up during the funeral so that your wealth can be distributed equally among all of them.
5. Introducing her to your parents
Never rush things! If you meet a lady take your time to know each other before proposing and introducing her to your family. Do not let looks deceive you.