Janet Mbugua’s sister-in-love Evaline Momanyi has narrated why she has been keeping a low profile.

“Mid last week, I got an accident in the house. I know when something happens to someone’s baby, guys are always like…how? I am so ‘routine and rule-based’ that when I got a call from work that Miss. K had got burnt with hot water… I was like…WHAT! Yes, this happened.🤦‍♀️😞.

Momanyi added, “It was an accident, but it was a careless oversight from my Nanny. 😓But guess what, as I sat in the hospital….everyone was shaking about what will happen when I go back home.

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Anyone who knows me, its not good to be around me when I’m angry. Guess what, I was calm… I didn’t even cause. I just said…. I hope this is a lesson. Wacha I’ll get time to say the full story, this small script won’t bring out the picture.”

She highlighted the lessons she has gained form this scarey incident.

“The biggest I have learnt as a mum…Accidents happen, but it can be also with YOU as the mum. I thank God, the baby is okay and healing well. You want to know how kids are resilient…see a baby with burn marks running around and living her best play life 🤣. Her nanny loves her and I saw how much it broke her heart and she was clear on the negligence on her part.”

Momanyi then asked her fellow mums to share “some common accidents that have happened. What first aid did you do and precautions you put in place plus lessons?”

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Here are similar incidences narrated by her Instagram followers.

shawn_mary254: My niece got burnt with hot water too at the age of 8months instead of the baby crying I screamed as if someone had died, our neighbour who was a nurse did the first aid,(mafuta ya bunduki).

tallam_laura: First off quick recovery to K. My lo drank jik when he was 2😪😪 i literally had my heart in my mouth😰 but he got better after hospital visit. ( i actually rushed to hospital with vomit allover me, braless in pjs and barefeet! Thats how shook i was) but God watches over these little angels🙏

My little sister got burnt badly and we all disappeared screaming like she had died (truth is we knew she had gone) there was a neighbour who had a gun and he is the one that ran and gave his gun oil, following day he added the same n another neighbour brought transformer oil, and thats what we used to treate the burns. suprisingly in less than two weeks all wounds had dried up fully though our parents got worried she would never have breasts😣 but God healed her fully and she is actually well endowed🤣😎 with just tiny black spots which can be mistaken for birthmarks. She is a young lady about to make 24years now.

shonidave: At 1yr 2months My son attempted to swallow a bottle top, he was with my nanny. I had shown her a few first Aid tips especially in relation to chocking. So I was away at work, it happened so fast the first aid tips didn’t work and my nanny ran to a clinic near where I stay, she didn’t even have time to wear shoes she went barefoot, the bottle top was still stuck in the mouth and he was running out of breath plus blood was coming out of the mouth…while running out she instructed a neighbour to call me, she didn’t even have time to carry her phone…long story short she got assistance & my son was attended to before I got there,the bottle top was removed…I thank God for her. I didn’t even blame her infact I awarded her for being brave & making quick decisions.

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