Paul Ndichu and Evaline

Finally, Mrs Mwaura, Janet Mbugua’s sister in law has decided to reveal her daughter’s face.

As rare as it is for Kenyan celebrity mothers, Mo and Paul Ndichu have gone against the norm. Mo took to social media with a picture of her little girl.

She talks about her all day long. She is a very happy mother and wife at least from what we get off her social media pages.

Paul Ndichu and Evaline


The picture is of Mo holding her baby who we must say looks exactly like her and a bit of Paul Ndichu looking all chubby and happy.

The baby is very chubby and from what most aunties from ushago will say, mtoto akona mama anamlea vizuri sana. I don’t know why having a big and chubby baby is considered healthy and when we are big and fat at the age of 20, its a health hazard.

Anyway, the baby looks gorgeous. It took her a while to finally reveal the face in as much as we knew she is not about that life.

Paul-Ndichu wedding
Paul-Ndichu wedding. photo credit: Paul-Ndichu

Avril who gave birth not so long after Mo has decided she will keep her baby’s face away from social media in as much as everyone wants to see what he looks like so that we can finally settle the question of who the father is.

Mo’s sister in law also took time before she revealed her baby’s face. Janet Mbugua and Eddie Ndichu kept their baby’s face hidden and now since he has grown, Baby Huru is all over Janet Mbugua’s social media pages.

Janet Mbugua is expecting another bundle of joy lets wait and see how long she will take to reveal this one considering she has taken us through the whole journey of her pregnancy.

‘There needs to be a lot of respect’ Janet Mbugua’s sister in law, Evaline on blended family

Janet Mbugua

Dennis Okari, however, is against all this fuss of sharing a baby’s life on social media especially for celebrity parents. He raised concern about his daughter Ivanna who is constantly on Betty Kyalo’s social media page. He is worried that his daughter’s privacy is being invaded. Read more on that here.

For the first time, meet Paul Ndichu and Mo’s daughter:

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