Thursdays and Fridays have become days for sharing fond memories through social media.

Celebrities share their old photos reminiscing about the good old times under various hashtags like #ThrowbackThurday and #FlashbackFriday.

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Well, Janet Mbugua’s husband Eddie Ndichu is the latest to share his old photos before fame and he captioned:

“#TBT when I started out in my career building applications for Palmtop Computers (PDAs), the smartphones in the millennial years!

What’s your biggest career challenge today?

Mine began with installing mobile software device by device, to building downloadable mobile applications, to integrations to mobile money platforms, to developing stand-alone mobile banking products to over 10M customers on Telco infrastructure and changing the mindset of traditional business models. Now it’s to deliver financial services to over 100M customers through the internet! 🙆‍♂️ Whatever it is, keep at it from the other side of knowledge and fear! No fingers crossed.”

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Here are photos


Eddie Ndichu


Eddie Ndichu



Eddie Ndichu


Eddie Ndichu