Eddie was super pissed after the nasty encounter with the cab driver he even threatened to deactivate the app. This comes after another Kenyan, Jackline Mwende on Saturday complained about an Under driver. According to her, an Uber driver stole money and other valuables from her handbag after dropping her at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.
Something needs to be done to reign in these errant drivers before something even worse happens. Here is Eddie’s account of what happened as narrated by him on his Facebook page.

“My drunk UBER driver experience: At 8:45pm KCF599G Fredrick calls me slurring after he accepted my request. So I give him directions for 15mins then stand by the road side! He zooms past me and I hail him down physically with my hands. As soon as I get in, I get a notification from my bank card of a 200 Bob charge! Alah! Kumbe he cancelled it! So he pulls aside, puts on the hazard, leans his head on the driver door and asks me to request again and won’t move until I do so. But what about my 200 Bob! The balls on this guy! So I tell him to take me to the nearest police station or he gives me my 200 Bob! He parks for 15mins pretending not to listen to me. After some pics and threats he fumbles his wallet and gives me 200 Bob! ‪#‎deletes‬ APP!”

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One loyal customer of Uber commented on Eddie’s Facebook post, “This is not the type of character that #Uber encourage. They have standards and this guy is not it. The minute you report him, he is out. I have always had 5 Star service from Uber. To a point I sometimes leave my car at home to enjoy a hustle free and cost efficient ride to my destination. But pole for that terrible experience.”