Janet Mbugua

Harrowing tales of badly driven taxis are emerging. The reason people opt to take a cab instead of driving or javing is purely for convenience sake. It is for this reason that no one hopes that a cab will turn into a life threatening journey.

ROGUE UBER DRIVER! One Woman’s Story Of Horror In The Hands Of An Uber Taxi Driver

The hubby of popular TV news anchor Janet Mbugua was at the tail end of bad taxi service. The worst part it was bad service from an Uber. The service most urbanites have come to love and trust.

Eddie and Janet are considered entertainment’s popular couple. Fans adore Citizen TV’s Janet Mbugua, check out some of her hot photos.

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Angry Kenyas who heard about how badly Eddie was treated by the Uber driver, took to Social media to rant.

One fan of the service wrote, “That’s uncouth unprofessional to say the least. I think his account as an Uber service provider should be suspended #Uberaction then his license suspended too for drunk driving on a psv #NTSAaction.”

While another added, “I don’t think the problem is UBER as a company- You will help them if you report such rogue characters and not deactivating.”