Popular TV personality Janet Mbugua almost quit her day job to stay home with Baby Huru. Being a first time mum is no walk in the park. Thankfully, Janet can rely on a good support system to raise Baby Huru and be a working mother.

Janet has bagged many endorsements ever since she added the role of mother to her many achievements. And the only reason she can be able to successfully carry out her chores is because she is comfortable leaving Baby Huru home with a trusted care giver.

Janet Mbugua Does Something Special For Mothers Who Have Lost Their Babies

Janet who is a beloved TV news anchor with Citizen TV penned a long post on Facebook narrating how she has to fire three house helps and why.

“3.36 am on a warm night in October and I’m watching Little Women LA, a bowl of Baby Huru’s left over Oats porridge and some water on a stool next to me, the baby monitor on the sofa, some cookie crumble poking through my pajama bottoms. It may seem like I’m having a strange night, but this is the first time in 6 months I feel like I’m getting it together.

It’s been a hectic ride and I’ve chosen to lay low and figure it all out a day at a time. I would hear women complain about domestic workers but always felt like they were being unfair. If you just treat them well it all comes together, right? Well, the last few months have been an eye opener!