Media personality Janet Mbugua has jumped to the defence of Adelle Onyango after blogger Cyprian Nyakundi made callous rape comments directed at her on his social media.

Adelle responded to Cyprian in a classy and concise manner explaining why his comments are waaaaayyyy out of line.

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Adelle Onyango responds to Cyprian Nyakundi’s insensitive rape comments after she spoke against rape culture

adelleAdelle had just come from hosting the first ever brunch forum where street harassment and rape culture. This was part of the BBC 100 Women conversations for change.

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“And I acknowledge that men are raped too, and I am sorry, but men who have lived their whole lives as men haven’t been told and taught that they deserve to be raped, that their voices carry no weight and that their anger is invalid. So Cyprian I understand why you think that we deserve to be raped and sexually objectified, abused, that our voices carry no weight and that my anger and my causes are infinitely invalid. I hope this allows you to experience some sort of vulnerability, either mine or your own. For the men that support our causes and realize the bane of the womb, we say thank you, and continue to support us, love us and cherish us, as women for being women, appreciate our intellect, hear our voices and acknowledge our accomplishments for we will continue to spread the message, and keep hope alive that one day we will live in a rape free society.” Adelle wrote in her statement.

Janet Mbugua also added her voice in castigating rape culture in her blog titled, “Don’t Laugh At Rape Culture”.

“As for you…yes, you…don’t laugh at rape. If I were you, instead of meming and demeaning, I would read, I’d get educated and understand the issues, I would look at the women and girls in my life that I love most and realize that they too could be victims. Rape culture exists because we don’t believe it does,” Janet cautioned in her blog.

Janet Mbugua

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Janet added that we all need to put self check mechanisms to avoid spreading rape culture and perpetuating it further, knowingly and unknowingly.

“If you are mad and accusatory towards someone who has spoken out against rape culture and sexual harassment, you are a part of the problem. If a woman speaking out against rape turns you into a chest-thumping individual that calls us ‘toxic feminists’, you haven’t understood what masculinity truly means.If you think we speak out against these issues because we are against men, you don’t get it,” she wrote.