Jane Ngoiri son

Jane Ngoiri has found her perfect balance.

Jane Ngoiri has given us Swahili news and she always injects a bit of entertainment. In all the interviews you can see how comfortable she is with her guests to a point they open up. She does not do as many interviews, but the few she has done, she has managed to squeeze some serious information out of her guests.

Jane is one among very few anchors who are still at NTV after most of them left and joined Citizen TV.

She is among the few journalists who did not hide her pregnancy from the public. As her baby bump grew, we saw it all, up until she gave birth.

Jane gave birth to an amazing baby boy who she appreciates and you can see she is a proud mother. Then she introduced us to her hubby and aren’t they a cute family?

She recently took to social media with a post appreciating parents who have found a perfect balance in between a job and a family.

Jane Ngoiri

This is not easy especially in her line of work and more so a generation that is all about equality. Women these days try so hard to be equal to men and forget their duty as women, wives and mothers.

If it’s Wednesday it is all about #ParentingWednesday. 
I’m 34 years old…A Wife, Mother to a 2-year-Old Son, Home Manager, Kiswahili News Anchor and many other side hustles. Since I became a Mother I have learnt the Act of Balancing. Each Morning I prepare my Son, make sure all is well with Hubby and home….then work; a hectic one in terms of hours. I thank God I have managed to Balance things, not forgetting Support from Hubby and Family.
How have you found your Perfect Balance?

Jane is among other women in the media who have also found a perfect balance. Amina Abdi Rabar and Mwalimu Racheal are all in that same boat.

“Nina shimo kwa roho.” Jane Ngoiri pens emotional goodbye message to departing Nimrod Taabu


Amina Abdi is John Rabar’s wife and they have a son, Tumi. If you follower her on social media, she is always on the grind but a day will not go by without her showing us her son. She picks him up from school and takes him for fun and games during the weekend and holidays.

Amina Abdi

Amina is a radio and TV hostess for two different stations and an MC to boot. You will still see her in the kitchen chopping onions with her really long nails.

Mwalimu Racheal is not so different. You will still find her wrapped in a leso cooking for the family. Homework with her son is her nightly duty and she still makes time for dates with her husband K-Leta.

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