Body building coach Jane Mukami says her divorce changed her life for the better, pushing her from eating her sorrows away to working out.

Mukami flaunting her curves

She revealed this on her weekly blog post, where she wrote:

My divorce, however unpleasant, changed my life for the better. It catalysed my need to seek what I thought was simply weight loss that took me through a journey of self development, self-realisation and totally transformed my life.

Mukami, who is also a health coach, said her marriage hit rock bottom due to domestic violence that was involved.

I had walked away from my marriage and the divorce was finalised. Some days, I wondered if maybe I should have forgiven my ex-husband and tried to make things work one more time…and others I knew I did the right thing by walking away from domestic violence/domestic abuse.

She added that handling her divorce was not easy and that is why she sought comfort through stress eating.

She wrote:

 i was a sad, fat 28-year-old divorcee that was eating her sorrows away. I stress ate for 6 months and felt like a failure.

Mukami working out

Mukami began her fitness journey one morning, when she was getting ready for work and and all of a sudden her pants ripped because she was overweight.

11 years ago, I was rushing getting ready for work and all of a sudden my pants ripped. I was super annoyed because 3 weeks earlier the same pants fit loosely and now they were so tight. 

 I decided enough was enough and promised to do something about my weight and get my life back on track.

Mukami doing some push ups

Mukami embarked on the fitness journey with the aim of looking like the girls in bikinis and those on the cover of fitness cover magazines.

Her desperation to lose weight made her consider extreme options, including liposuction, but she didn’t go through with it as it was costly.

Mukami has managed to lose weight naturally and is now using her experience to empower other women to live a healthy life.

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