Jane DeMathew, daughter to the late Mugithi maestro, has opened up on the impact his sudden death had on her.

DeMathew passed away in August 2019 after his car hit a stalled lorry near Blue Post on Thika Road.

John DeMathew

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Speaking about the incident on a Diaspora TV, Jane said

‘There is something called lightening, when I heard that he had died I felt like lightning had struck me. At the time I was living in Mombasa.

I did not believe, For some few minutes I felt like I had gone crazy. We were to go to the studio in August the same month he died.’

Jane learned of her father’s death just after coming from work.

‘I was told about his death around 10:00 pm just after coming from work, at first, I thought the person did not know what he was talking about.

Before long I started receiving calls from friends and family members and that is when I sensed something was wrong.’

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Jane added

‘I just collapsed and when I woke up I found people surrounding me,

 I never expected something like that could happen.’

Asked on how her late father managed to peacefully live with two wives, Jane said there was always love and respect.

‘I grew up seeing a lot of love and respect and I was taught that both are my mothers.

They consider me as the firstborn of both families. They talk to each other call each other. They respect me a lot.’

DeMathew’ wives.

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Jane, who is aspiring to go international, says that her dad died before they could polish her music video but she is keeping strong.

‘I released a song in June 2019 before my dad passed away in August 2019.

We had talked about my music and he was to help me with a particular song but that did not happen.’

That has however not dampened her spirit as she plans to continue her father’s legacy.

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