Jane DeMathew, daughter to the late Mugithi maestro John DeMathew says it’s sad how she has lost friends since the death of her father.

This is because some people assume she is mean or stingy when she does not help when approached.

Speaking during an interview with Diaspora TV Jane said

‘There is always a perceptive and expectations people have of you and when you don’t meet it they get disappointed.

Many people expect you to do things for them.

‘I fainted after learning my dad was dead ‘ DeMathew’s daughter opens up


Since my dad’s death sometimes I receive calls from people asking me to help them.

Sometimes I may not be in a position to and when I say no they take it personally and assume I am refusing and label me an enemy.

People don’t expect that as DeMathew’ daughter I may also lack money and that is a very big challenge.’

‘How I plan to extend my father’s legacy after his death’ Jane DeMathew

On challenges, she is facing in music she says

‘ I am not able financially right now and I have so many songs but I cannot produce them for now because we need money to go for performances.’

On how she plans to handle male fans, Jane says she is in a relationship.

‘I am very much prepared, I am taken so I will find a way to handle my male fans and I hope they will understand.’

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