As if not being caught drinking alcohol and being exposed as a nude pic solicitor was not enough, Willy Paul has been slammed by YET another accusation. This comes at a rather perfect time – when the year is ending and people are thinking of leaving the dirt in 2015. This year has been an epic ride for the “Mpenzi” singer.

michelle dyer willy paul

Michelle Dyer, an irate girl told Pulse that Willy Paul beat her up and cheated on her. The singer has been rumored to be a short tempered guy, to the extent that he fought for a girl when he was younger, close sources to him say.

“He cheated on me and he wasn’t loyal. Sometimes, he abused me by hitting me. The first time he did it because of my phone. I had a late night message from work and when I told him I wanted to reply he got insecure,” Michelle told the publication.

When we reached Willy Paul for a comment, he stated

“For now no comment ’cause ni holiday”

If you haven’t read his top scandals of the year, you better do.

Source: Pulse