The entertainer has struggled with Endometriosis-and-depression

Jambi Koikai is a heroine for many women, especially those that have struggled with endometriosis. The former ‘The Trend’ presenter has posted a message on her Instagram page that concerns her illness and how she has suffered from depression.

Njambi Koikai
Jambi Koikai in hospital

She wrote:

I’ve been depressed since 2016. Suffered anxiety and crazy panic attacks. I’ve been seeing a great therapist for this and I’m forever grateful. Kindly see a therapist and know there’s a community of endo-warriors who are willing to offer support. Also, know that it is normal because of what we are going through. You will be ok.
I appreciate Wendy Bingham who’s been a great support system. She suffered from this disease for 30 years and was treated at the Center for Endometriosis Care. She’s now a great endo activist raising awareness on endo and thoracic endo. I also appreciate my girl @lifeabove_endo I blew up her DMs in 2016 waiting and hoping for a response. God used this lady to save my life. She told me about the @centerforendocare and that’s how I got here. 

Njambi looking fierce

Some of her followers had the following to say:

babakenice: Nabado natty dread rasta kwa kichwa zko idhaa mbaya👊😂🔥🔥👊
rahabng04: So happy for you.
laurinekithi: Njambi I like your energy my Sister. Even though I rarely post on your page, I look forward to the positive stories. May God bless and see you through this journey. You will be fine in Jesus name
waithakalucie: Beyonce had two night performance hence the costume change I think. Glad you are doing better
min_agal: Tunasonga kwa imani
krisboit: Beautiful woman, strong, funny and never gives up. I am praying continuously for you and endo itakuondokea. ❤️
marynannemwangi: Nyc progress God is great one last u come back home that smile gosh🔥🔥

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Apart from endometriosis awareness going up in the country, many female celebrities have also come out to say they have suffered from depression.

Grace Ekirapa
Grace Ekirapa smiling

Some like Grace Ekirapa, Anita Nderu, and Ruth Matete have already given out their deeply personal stories about the disease. Let us hope that more can come out show that it can be overcome.

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