Women fighting

A man has been found guilty of murdering his wife — in front of their children — after she demeaned him and called him uncircumcised.

He will be sentenced on Monday.

According to police, the man identified as AKW to protect the family’s two children, killed his wife before them on October 26, 2015, in Nanyuki.

One child testified they were asleep when they heard a loud bang.

“Mum fell. Dad made her fall. He cut her with a knife and I saw blood,” the child said, pointing at the accused in the dock. 

The accused’s sister-in-law said when she arrived, the accused came out of the bedroom, his shirt covered in blood.

His face looked wild, she said. “He said ‘I killed my wife because she called me kihii 

(uncircumcised),” she said. 

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The accused in his defense claimed the deceased was armed with a knife when she went to their bed, where he was sleeping.

He claimed she abused him by calling him ‘kihii’, and made threatening gestures with the knife.