Dancehall Dancer Roxanna “Bumpa” Evans died after attempting a “Chuck Tru” dance move at a competition with a $3500 prize.

Bumpa is seen balancing on her head while her dance partner Momo aligns her opened legs so Evans could leap through.

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Unfortunately, Momo landed on Evans, breaking her neck on impact.

She was later transported to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

According to reports, Evans who is a mother of two along with her dancing partner were competing for a prize at the club.

In the video which is doing rounds online the other dancer identified as ‘Momo’ is seen excited to do her stunt with the people cheering on.

She jumps on  Bumpa and she goes still,assuming it’s just a joke the people continue cheering before realizing she is unresponsive.

On lifting her some blood can be seen on the floor.

The two were acquaintances having dances in various places together before.

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