Mothers are our pillars. They are very supportive, loving and caring and so is Akothee. The richest singer who has been grabbing headlines of late has once again set tongues on fire after she threw a lavish birthday party for her second born daughter.

On 19th March this month, Akothee spent close to a million shillings on her second born child’s birthday and she also bought her a car worth your two years rent.

Pesa Otas! Akothee Throws A Million Dollar Birthday Party For Her Second Born Daughter (Photos)

Well, last weekend, the Shengerea Mama singer also spent millions on her third born’s daughter Prudence Van Pelt’s birthday party. This time round, it was different.  It didn’t take place at their palatial home in Mombasa but rather in an expensive lodge. Prudence’s 17th birthday was celebrated at Voi Safari Lodge a place of her choice.

“I had offered her a trip to Dubai with her friend, but she declined. She told me all she wanted was a family trip to Tsavo East with her siblings courtesy of Akothee Safaris,” Akothee Exclusively Told Mpasho.

The young girl studies at one of the most prestigious schools in the country, Prudence is in year 11. She is an intelligent daughter at least according to her mother.

“Prudence is a very generous and quiet girl. She is intelligent and also the best choreographer,” said Akothee.

When asked which one of the three daughters is her favourite, the Sweet Love singer said  “to be sincere I don’t have a favourite child. All of them are my sweethearts.” Akothee who is known for spoiling her daughters went ahead to reveal her relationship with her daughters and here is what she had to say;

“We are good friends. They are my best friends. They give me a reason to face new challenges everyday. Everytime they always remind me of when I was still a taxi driver and how I used to buy them sodas once a week and threw ‘parties’ on their birthdays yet I was broke.”

This time round, Akothee didn’t buy her third born daughter a car (maybe because she is still young and in school) but a pricey gift which she is yet to open.

From Rags To Richest: Here Is Proof That Richest Musician Akothee Lives Like A Queen (PHOTO)

The mother of five who has won the hearts of many locally thanks to her prowess on the mic, says everyday is Mother’s Day to her and here is the message she has for all women in the world.

“There is nothing a child will ever appreciate like seeing their mother Overcome difficulties in life. the challenges we go through as mothers should be an encouragement to work hard to provide for our kids, so they don’t go through the same experiences that we went through,” She told Mpasho, adding, “Stay strong, live positively, let’s turn stress into ideas. A woman has no time to sympathise with herself, she can only collect herself & build an empire with the stones thrown at her,” concluded Akothee. 

Here are exclusive photos from Akothee’s third born daughter’s birthday, go through;