It’s always debatable on which Kenyan tribe has the best husbands.

According to many especially women, the best husband is one who is a spendthrift, satisfies you in bed, spoils you by taking you on expensive trips and loves you.

And Luos have always emerged number one when it comes to such beating their Luhya, Kisii and even Kalenjins counterparts who are known to be stingy and the only thing they can afford is love.

Here Are The Top Five Kenyan Tribes That Make Good Husbands

Well, I came across this interesting list of characteristics of Kenyan husbands from different tribes. Go through…

  1. Kalenjins

Has one Wife
Has one girlfriend
But he loves his wife the most.

2. Kikuyu

Has one wife
Has one girlfriend
But he loves his girlfriend the most.

3. Maasai

Two wives
One girlfriend
He loves his cows the most

4. Somali

Four wives
No girlfriend
Loves his miraa the most

5. Teso

Has one wife
One girlfriend
But he loves the housemaid the most.

6. Luhya

Has two wives
Has two girlfriends
He loves the wives’ sisters the most.

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7. Coasterian

Has 4 wives
Has 0 girlfriends
He loves the house boy the most.

8. Luo

Has 4 wives
Has 4 girlfriends
He loves his neighbours wife the most.

9. Kamba

Has one, two three wives
Has several girlfriends
He loves the barmaid the most.

10. Kisii/Meru

One wife
Many girlfriends
He will beat them all