Jalangoo and his wife

The Milele Fm radio Presenter yesterday took the chance to flaunt his wife and Kenyans are impressed. The two were attending a wedding of a close friend.

Sharing a dazzling photo, Jalngoo said that his wife had refused to be left at home and he had no option than to tag her along.

‘Jaber says that she has missed me and she must come with me to the wedding
Jaber is jaber ama?🤣🤣🤣 Hii kitu haitaki makasiriko.’

Jalangoo and his wife during a friends wedding.

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As always Kenyans reacted with some hinting that the glow between the two of because of ‘Twa Twa Twa.’

Below are some of the hilarious reaction comments from Kenyans.

cindyshe67: Eeeh wajaluo wanajua kutunza Bibi zao…ata Mimi naomba mungu niolekee Kwa jaluo.

jackiekary: N she is beautiful…….😍😍😍😍blessings to you both.

traceyachie: You two look good together.

bpracious:Jaber is looking lovely. Pass my regards.

zawani_sharz01: U guys look cute together😍😍🔥🔥.

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derickculture: pass my greetings to Jaber…we want heavy J Juniour.

anerliandirangu:Chakula ya dakkktari imewesa🔥🔥🔥.

jaykyrics: Lazima..don’t leave her alone.

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