Jalang'o vs Willy Paul

Jalang’o became one of Kenya’s biggest and most sought-after comedians because of the way he connected with audiences.

Jalang'o and Churchill
Jalang’o and Churchill

But one thing that people may forget is his take no prisoners approach when he is critical of somebody. The man has spoken about slay queens in the past and not minced words when speaking about them.

Wacha stori za blackmail! Jalang’o advises slay queens on how to behave with sponsors

Jalang'o and Mwakideu

He recently spoke about Willy Paul (BTW, is he a gospel musician or a secular musician?). The Milele FM presenter spoke about why he thought Willy Pozze had never been featured on Coke Studios despite being one of Kenyan’s most bankable celebrities.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

This is after Willy had spoken out about what he perceives as favouritism by the Coke studio event organizers. He was speaking at an engagement event amongst local artistes.

Willy Paul

But according to Nairobi News, Jalang’o who is an insider at the studio was having none of Willy’s theories saying:

Wewe toka huko, ulitajwa, wakasema talent moto lakini tabia kama first born wa Judas! Ukatolewa.

Let us remember that Coke Studio selects veteran musicians as well as emerging talents across Africa. They then pair them in making collabos that are later aired on the TV series.

The consummate MC


While many might have wondered why such an artiste the likes of Willy would not be on the show, Jalang’o has just given you his answer.

Willy Paul

Do you agree that the “Kanungo” and “Alkaida” singer “bad behaviours” are the ones that have scared of the squeaky-clean conglomerate like Coke?

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