Jalang’o is probably now the MC you cannot miss in a corporate event and he does the job quite well. Despite his busy schedule, he has time for his family as a father. This past weekend his baby Sally celebrated a new year of her life and the event was graced by many people.

Mr. Nice made an appearance clearing the rumors that he has been in the country for a while now and he apparently wants to settle here and rebuild his career.


This weekend Jalang’o proved to be  loving father as he organized a big birthday party for his daughter and from the pictures you can tell he has a good relationship with his baby mama, Cheptoek Boyo. Jalang’o and his baby mama seem like they are on very good terms and co-parent without much ado. Boyo posed for a picture with him and his squad, looking very happy. Everyone was happy and no one lacked a cup in their hand and you know what that means!

Worry not we gat you! Here are images from the party:

Ati pesa onge? Jalang’o has a watch that can buy a Nissan Skyline with ease!