Alcohol makes people do stupid things, some of which they only come to realize when they get sober and reality hits them.

Truth be told, most of us have fallen victim to this vice.

Kiss FM radio presenter Jalango is one of the people who has ever blundered when drunk. A mistake that he paid for dearly.

Speaking during the Morning Kiss, Jalango shared,

‘I once found myself in a fix after promising someone that I would give them a job.

When I got sober I actually had to find a job and employ them, I had to keep true to my promise.’

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Below are some of the things Kenyans were promised their baes while drunk.

  • A car.
  • Trips out of town.
  • Money.
  • New phone.
  • Marriage proposal.
  • Land.
  • Rent.

Like the wise men said, never trust the promises of a naked or drunk man, utalilia kwa washroom bure.

Only a fool would believe such promises, unless your man has control over his alcohol intake and knows what he is saying, I am sure most promises go unfulfilled.

What is that one thing that you were promised during a drinking spree and was it ever given to you?

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