Jalang’o had it rough. That’s probably why he likes making people laugh.

He spoke at a Safaricom forum, Engage and opened up about his life back in the day. He gave his story but with so many jokes in it. Most sanguines do not like sympathy and they do not like people knowing their weaknesses so in every sad situation, they make a joke to lighten up the conversation.

Just after high school, which was a struggle getting through, he asked his father if he will go to university. Jalang’o says his father actually laughed at him.

My dad has never laughed like that. you have seen what i have gone through trying to take you to high to high school, what in your sane mind thinks i can afford to pay your college fees

Just after that statement, Jalang’o knew he needed to look for means to get to college and so he went to work at Capital Fish Kenya limited at Homabay.

It was the worst time in his life and he says he doesn’t even want to remember it at all.

Jalang’os father woke up one day and gave him two shirts and two trousers and 800ksh and told him to go to college and go be a man.

He took a bus to Nairobi from Homabay and met his dad’s friend who lived in Lavington. Seeing as Jalang’o was from ushago, the guy decided to be a nice guy and show him how the home appliances work.

this guy took me through his house appliances. the fridge the cooker and make sure in two weeks when I had already known how to use them, he sent everyone away and I became his house manager

Jalang'o Suit

So that is how Jalang’o became a houseboy as his first job in Nairobi looking for money to go to college.

A day came and he came to his senses and said that was not what he came to do in Nairobi and so he packed and left to his uncle who lived in Embakasi. His uncle was happy to see him saying that no one leaves ushago and just lands in a posh looking house. One has to go through the struggles of the slum.

Otas! From rags to riches. Check out Jalang’o multi-million complete house

There is where he started his acting career because he went for auditions and he got the second cast position for the set books. He stepped in as a second cast after the main character got drunk and could not show up for the play.

Jeff and Jalang'o

That was when Jalang’o made it as the best Swahili narrator in the Kenya National Theater. That was where he paved way and made it to Papa Shirandula alongside his best friend Otoyo.

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